Powder Room (2013)

dir. MJ Delaney


Feature Film
Director: MJ Delaney
Production: DJ Films
Distribution: Universal
Producers: Damian Jones, James Cotton, Nichola Martin Writer: Rachel Hirons

Starring Sheridan Smith, Jaime Winstone, Oona Chaplin and Kate Nash

Powder Room is a comedy-drama that documents all the leaky boundaries of a girl’s night out. The film follows Sam as she re-unites with the glamorous Jess and Michelle while avoiding her own group of friends. In her attempts to impress the two women and dissatisfied with her own life, Sam free falls through the night inventing increasingly baroque lies. Based on the stage play When Women Wee by Rachel Hirons.

The bathroom set was designed to be as dynamic as possible and accommodate a variety of camera angles. An African and Bauhaus aesthetic informed the design of the sets and props. Everything, from condom packets, to receipts, to the neon sign for the club ‘Big Sky’, and eventually the film’s titles, was created using Rathe, a font designed by Daniel McQueen. I designed this poster for the LUFF (London UK Film Focus) screening at the BFI, it combines painted and digital elements.I designed this gif and attachment, and it has been adapted as the invitation for a number of screenings for the film. I also designed a number of other digital and print elements for the promotion of the film.

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