I’ve beeen working on a graphic novel, adapted from a screenplay by Sam Norton. I have prepared full text and layout, character sketches and synopsis and ten consecutive pages ready for submission.


Ray writes novels. He has a stack of 40 finished and enough paper for 40 more. It’s his whole life, except he’s become so removed from society that he’s not even writing books with human characters any more. His exile seems to have reached its end point, but then he starts getting visited by people from his old life…He finds his brother Nick, now married, secretly living in the flat after spending all his money on his wedding. Nick tries to get Ray into the world and hooked up, but the woman he finds is Gaia; the goddess of nature. Ray can’t resist his desire and impregnates her, then she gives birth to a universe and dies. This universe expands and forces Ray out of his flat and to his publisher, who has just sold up and bought a mountain. He wants to die literally at his peak and for Ray to document it. Ray agrees, lost in the outside world, and they retread their lives symbolically until they hit the top.